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Day 47 to Berea, KY – The Small Things

The small things in life often make the biggest differences. Yesterday I had a bad ride for several reasons. Today I had a great ride because of some small adjustments. Of course these small adjustments would not have been possible if I had not taken a small amount of time to consider why my ride yesterday was so bad. The first small thing I did was to adjust my attitude. I took a small amount of time with God this morning and read a daily devotional I receive by email from the Blackaby Ministries. This small devotional had a big impact. I realized that I may have a small part to play in God’s plan for this world, but it’s a part that needs to be played. And it’s a part that fits into the whole. With this in mind, my attitude was ready to begin a 60 mile ride that I would not allow myself to take for granted as a “small” ride because when you pay attention to the small things they have big results. Every ride is a big ride!

I then took a small amount of time to make two very small adjustments in my bike. I raised the saddle height by a half inch and lowered the aero bars by a half inch. This made a big difference in how I felt on the bike. Compared to yesterday, I felt at ease and at home on the bike today. The small things really do matter. And then there’s a matter of a small thing in Kansas that had big results today. If you remember from a previous blog, I stopped to talk with two cyclists coming from the east on a day I had begun riding late and felt rushed. But they were very friendly and wanted to talk. I talked with them for over 30 minutes which seemed like a big sacrifice, but 30 minutes really is a small amount of time. They told me about a shortcut through Illinois which I took at the beginning of this week that has allowed me to take an entire day off my ride. I am spending that day in Louisville to get my bike fixed and visit with family. Another small thing (30 minutes) giving a big result. 

As I rode into Berea today I was greeted by a marvelous, quaint college town. It was such a surprise that Pam and I took a small amount of time, grabbed a small bite to eat, and enjoyed a big dose of joy. I am done riding for the week and it’s only Thursday. So this is what a sabbatical can be like – rest and relaxation!

Ride Stats:  Total Miles- 60.4 miles     Elevation Gain- 3,481      Avg Speed- 13 mph     Avg HR- 119



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