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Do I Really Love Jesus More than My Kids?

Peter said, “We’ve left our homes to follow you.”  “Yes,” Jesus replied, “and I assure you that everyone who has given up house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, will be repaid many times over in this life, and will have eternal life in the world to come.”   Luke 18:28-30

I’m a dad and I think that every parent would easily say there is nothing they love more on earth than their own children. When my son was only 2 years old, he slumped into unconsciousness while sitting at the dining room table eating lunch. I panicked. I had no idea what was happening. As a physician I knew I needed to check for a pulse and breathing. As a dad I was paralyzed with fear. I instinctively picked him up and took him to my bedroom where I placed him on the bed. I quickly realized I was useless and needed to get him to the emergency room where there would be a doctor who could actually help him. We lived a block from the hospital at the Subic Bay Naval Base so within 5 minutes my son was being evaluated by a doctor who could actually be of benefit. He was diagnosed as having a petit mal seizure. Today he is in great health at the age of 28. But in that moment in the Philippines, I would have paid any price, even my own life in exchange for his life. That is when I realized how much I love each and every one of my children.

In Luke 18, Jesus tells me I need to love Him more than my own children! That’s a lot of love. When I think about what Jesus is saying here, I think about my own kids. I have to ask myself if I really love Jesus as much, let alone more, than I love them. I have walked away from a lucrative medical practice because I love and trust Jesus. I trust Him with my life. But I honestly do not know if I love Him more than my own kids. I’m just being honest. And yet there is no one or no thing on this earth that can give me the peace I receive when I submit my life to Jesus. When I talk with Jesus and hear His voice in my life, there is nothing on earth that comes anywhere close to that experience. 

Perhaps the question I need to ask myself is this, Would I follow Jesus even if my kids said they would never talk to me again? It’s a sobering question. I am thankful I have never been faced with such a decision. But it does makes me think about my relationship with Jesus, which is exactly what He wants me to do. So instead of trying to measure my love for Jesus, I will spend time with Him everyday. I will talk with Him throughout this day and each coming day. I will listen to His voice. I will treasure the time I have with Him. I will do what He asks. I will follow where He leads. I will embrace the journey as I revel in His presence. And I will leave the measuring up to Him.



Day 59 to Marshall, VA – The Kingdom of God

Today I experienced the kingdom of God expressed through the generosity and love of others. I had a sheriff escort along with 8 other riders for the first 30 miles into Strassburg, VA. And when I say a sheriff escort I mean one sheriff riding his bike with us the entire way and one in a squad car behind us making sure motorists give us plenty of room. It was a delight to ride with people who love the sport and children.

Thanks to Ann McBroom from “A Small Hand” there were children from preschools cheering for us at several locations throughout those 30 miles. Once we made it to Edinburg we visited the site of “A Small Hand” which is in the lower level of a small church. Ann doesn’t let the size of her church or facility limit her ministry as she distributes an astounding 250,000 diapers every year. What an example of the impact one person can have when joining God where He is active. We ended this portion of the ride in Strassburg where there were several preschoolers there to greet us with smiles and lots of questions in addition to a reporter, a photographer, and another sheriff to take pictures for their archives.  

We then had lunch together at an old historic hotel in Strassburg before I rode to Marshall. On this portion of the trip I rode alone, but I still had the children who were cheering, Ann who was organizing, and the other riders who were supporting me in my mind and heart. What a way to end the last day of this ride before the big day into Silver Spring.

This ride has afforded me the opportunity to meet committed, talented, and inspiring people across this country who have witnessed to me that God’s kingdom is alive and well in the hearts of many people. As I contemplate the end of this ride, I realize the journey is just beginning as I will seek to implement all I have learned into my own journey.

Ride Stats: Total Miles- 60   Preschools- 3   Sheriffs- 3   Cyclists- 9  Ann McBroom- 1




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