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Day 53 in Konnarock, VA – Water to Wine

As I was riding and thinking about tools (see my previous blog), Dorothy and Bill who drive the RV were getting frozen custard. Oh, the life of an RV driver on the Ride for Diapers! The owner of the custard shop squinted out the window and asked them about the meaning of this ride. They explained it to her and she told them to come back in a few minutes as she wanted to give a donation. When they went back (not sure if they got more custard or not), she gave them a check. I’m glad they stopped for custard!

But that’s not the end of Bill and Dorothy’s day. Another person read the RV signage as they were stopped and came up to them to give a donation. What’s more, they went back to meet Zach, the man who fixed my bike. I had sent Pam back to talk with him and let him know how much I appreciate his efforts. He had not opened yet, so Bill and Dorothy went to see him. They were impressed with his tender heart as he takes spare bike parts to build bikes for kids who can’t afford them. He gives the bikes to these families. Zach Watson is responding to God’s calling in his life. It was a privilege to stumble into his shop, rather I should say to be led by God’s Spirit into his shop.

And then came the evening at the Konnarock Seventh-day Adventist church. They held a diaper drive all day at the church for the TriCities Diaper Ministry in Bristol, VA. Yes, there is another TriCities with a diaper bank. I had the privilege of meeting Samuel E. Jones (“Eddie”), director of the TriCities Diaper Ministry. Eddie and his assistant Maggie are on fire for this ministry. They are an inspiration to me as I see their enthusiasm and efforts in caring for those in need. Check out their ministry at

As I shared my experiences on the ride at the church in the evening, I challenged each of us to listen to God’s Spirit, respond to His call, follow His direction, and be ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The response after the talk was overwhelming. They had diapers to give to Eddie and money to give to the Ride for Diapers. The day had been good, the evening was outstanding. I thought of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana where He turned water into wine. The guests commented how the best wine is usually served first, but then Jesus came along and gave them the best at the end. Jesus certainly did that for us on day 53 of this ride. And He promises to turn our water into wine every time we follow Him. Yes, there will be trial and hardships, challenges and setbacks. But in the end, we are always better off following His call.

Thank you to all the people of Konnarock. You really do ROCK! (Catch the pictures on Facebook.)

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