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Day 46 to Mackville, KY – Faith

Yesterday I saw tangible evidence of the truth described in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good when we trust in God’s way. Today I have to accept this truth by faith. Yesterday I could see how the pain of previous rides helped me enjoy the hills of Kentucky. I have faith today’s painful ride will help develop patience, insight, and strength.

When I have a difficult ride I try to deconstruct it to learn as much as I can from it. So here are the ingredients that made this ride so bad:

1) We crossed into the Eastern time zone yesterday losing an hour. This would not have been so bad except that I didn’t realize this fact until after yesterday’s ride. This made the evening short & the morning early. We started the ride about an hour after we otherwise would have started it. LESSON: Be prepared. Such facts are important to know when there is so little time after each ride to shower, attend to the saddle sores, ice my legs, eat, blog, post pictures, and maintenance the bike.

2) My mind was not into the ride. I just wanted to get it done which is always a recipe for a hard ride. I know better than this, but I was mentally tired today. LESSON: Take as much time as necessary to get my mind in the game! Rather than looking for results, think about the process, the purpose of the ride, and seek inspiration from God’s Word. Even when it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time, I know that is exactly when I need to take the time to be in prayer with Him.

3) I road my spare bike because my primary bike has over 3,700 miles on the rear cassette and chain. I knew it needed to be changed about 3 weeks ago, but I’ve been able to ride it well until this week. However, I didn’t check out my spare bike until last night, which was shortened by the time change. So I quickly got it ready, but I didn’t have the time to check out every detail. I discovered each of those details on the ride today. LESSON: Don’t just have a back-up plan, have the plan fully ready to be implemented.

4) I made the decision to visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln as it was only a mile out of our way. I knew this would prolong the day and make it more mentally challenging, but I didn’t want to miss this site which I had never seen. It was inspiring and an added hour to the ride that I think was well worth it. The problem for the ride came into play because of #2 above. LESSON: Be mentally prepared for the ride. This trip is more of a mental challenge to be ready each day than it is a physical one. I find this to be true in everyday life as well.

So I fully expect tomorrow’s ride to be much better. I still enjoy my primary bike much more, but it will get serviced in Louisville on Friday. I will enjoy the fact that I have a back-up bike to ride and appreciate it for what it has to offer. I will spend the time necessary to be in touch with God’s purpose for this ride and focus on the process of this trip and the ride tomorrow.

Ride Stats:  Total Miles- 83.5   Elevation Gain- 3,862 ft     Avg Speed- 12 mph     Avg HR- 111







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