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But Everyone’s Doing It!

Don’t trust anyone… As for me, I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me.  Micah 7:5, 7

As a parent I could tell dozens, if not hundreds, of stories when my children’s only rationale to do something was, “But everyone’s doing it!” If they really wanted to prove that the activity was acceptable, they would tell me how some kid who was an outstanding citizen was doing it. They hoped this would be all the evidence I would need to change my mind and allow them to participate.

I always rejected such arguments. Well, at least when used by my kids. Truth be told, I use the same argument in my own life when talking with God. I want to do my thing. So I look at those around me, and begin to think I deserve whatever it is that I want at that moment. Once I deserve it, I can go to any lengths to get it because it should be mine. This applies to anything we desire. If I see “everyone” else doing it or having it, then I should do it or have it too. 

But God counsels us to trust only in Him. He invites us to look only to Him for our help in times of need and in our struggles with temptation. The big issue is waiting. Micah wrote that he had confidence in God while waiting. Perhaps this is the key to overcoming the argument, “But everyone’s doing it.” They are doing it NOW. We want to be gratified NOW. But we may need to WAIT for God. Waiting can be very difficult unless you have confidence that you will get exactly what you need if you wait. Confidence only comes as we trust. And trust only comes when we are in a relationship with another person. Having confidence, then, requires that I spend time with God. I will wait a long time for a person I love, trust, and have confidence in. 

What would it look like today in your life to wait for God? To have confidence in God? To trust no one other than God? Once I can answer these questions, then my rationale changes from “But everyone’s doing it” to “But God’s doing it.”


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