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What Does God Expect of Me?… Service

The definition of an excuse (noun) is: “a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.”

When my¬†children were younger and living at home, I found their excuses tedious at best and often downright maddening. They had excuses for every situation that did not meet my expectations. These situations ranged from unfinished chores to unfinished homework. Excuses were also abundant anytime they knowingly disobeyed the rules of the house. The more¬†common excuses included (not in any particular order): a) I don’t have a watch so I didn’t know the time. b) I didn’t know that rule would apply in this situation. c) The teacher didn’t tell us there would be a test today. d) I didn’t hear you.

I could list dozens of excuses that not only my kids offered to me, but that we offer to God. However, of all the excuses I’ve heard over the years, by far the most common one offered by kids and adults alike is, “I don’t know.” We don’t know why we broke the rule because we haven’t taken the time to know ourselves. When I don’t know why I am not obedient to God, then I’m not even taking His command serious enough to give an acceptable excuse! Perhaps the most common expectation or command from God is the one to serve.

God calls each of us to His mission of service to Him and others. And yet many Christians I know have no idea as to their calling in life. What’s more distressing is that they are not wrestling with God to know their calling. We read throughout the Bible of God’s expectation for His followers to serve others. Do you have an excuse? Or do you have a story to tell of your adventure with God? Over the years I’ve had plenty of excuses to offer to God. I have found that life is better when I offer Him my service rather than my excuses. I have discovered that God transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary when I transform my excuses into obedience. What are you offering to God?

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