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Day 55 to Troutville, VA – Understanding My Complaints

I will admit that I’m tired of riding, but I’m not tired of connecting with God, one person at a time. My legs are complaining loudly that they have enough of biking for a while, but my mind tells them to keep going because they are providing the opportunities to connect with others. However, they keep on complaining. Today the complaints came fast and furious. At first it was too many steep hills to climb when we (my legs and my mind) thought the worst was over. In actuality the worst is over, but even a short climb of 14% gets tiring. And then there was the road surface to complain about as it was far too uneven and rough for 20 miles. Once the road surface smoothed there was the headwind for a few miles.

Today I realized there will always be something to complain about if what you’re doing is significant. If anyone could pick up a bike and ride across America with no pain, no challenges, no complaints, then no one would care if you did it. If it weren’t for the presence of complaints, then I would not have so many speaking appointments, contacts, life lessons, and diapers for those in need. I had this same problem early in the ride, however for a different reason. Early in the ride I my fitness level was too low for the level of activity I was doing. So my legs revolted and I complained. Now my fitness level is very high but my fatigue level is also very high. So my legs have revolted again and I complained. But I know this ride is significant because I am doing it to join God in His activity across this country. I see Him at work more and more as I meet people in town after town. And so I laid the complaints to rest and my legs agreed because they want to be standing as I connect with others.

When your fitness level is low or your fatigue level is high, the complaints are bound to come creeping in. It’s worth remembering this fact. If you have not been spiritually exercising by sharing your faith and connecting with others, then you can expect to find yourself complaining more because your spiritual fitness level is low. The same is true if you are not resting in Jesus, allowing Him to fight your battles. When you fight your battles in your own strength without the help of a mentor, God’s Word, and/or  His Spirit, then expect to find yourself complaining more because your fatigue level is too high. So exercise and rest. And if you find yourself complaining, make sure you know your spiritual condition. It could change how you see your challenges.

Ride Stats:  Total Miles- 62.1    Elevation Gain- 3,533 ft    Avg Speed- 11.3 mph    Avg HR- 104 bpm

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