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In 2 Kings 5 we read a story about Naaman who was a mighty warrior from Aram. The army of Aram had won many battles against Israel. However, Naaman had an incurable disease, leprosy. He was told by his servant whom he had captured in a battle against Israel that there was a prophet in Israel named Elisha who could heal him. So Naaman went bearing gifts to see Elisha. Naaman was fully prepared to pay for his curative treatment which he expected to be a simple waving of the hands and perhaps a prayer to the “god” of Israel. Naaman expected to be treated with respect as a conqueror. After all, Elisha was his subordinate. ¬†Instead of being greeted by Elisha, Naaman was greeted by Elisha’s servant who told him to submerge himself seven times in the dirtiest of rivers. He was outraged. He had been disrespected. His expectations to be treated with deference as a victorious mighty warrior had not been met. He began to leave in a rage when his officers persuaded him to do as Elisha’s servant had asked. As a result, Naaman was healed.¬†

This is when Naaman said, “…Now I know that there is no other ‘God’ in all the world except in Israel.” (2 Kings 5:15) Naaman’s expectations almost cost him his life and his salvation. Naaman committed himself to the God of Israel and was given peace as is always the case when we submit our expectations to the will of God. (2 Kings 5:19)

What expectations do you have that could prevent you from submitting to God’s will? Would you be willing to take instructions from a subordinate of yours? From whom can you learn? We often restrict ourselves from hearing, seeing, and experiencing the power of God because of our expectations. What would it look like in your life to submit your expectations to God? May you have friends in your life to help you not only manage your expectations, but to submit them to God. And may you experience the peace of God that comes with submission to His will.

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