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Day 42 in Missouri – Flat Hills!

Today is my first day on this trip with no appointments and no riding. Our team met to have a Bible based discussion on poverty as part of our worship service. The remainder of the day will be spent in rest, personal reflection, and fellowship.

As I think about the lessons of week 6, I am struck by a comment Nadine Wills made about the pictures of week 6 posted on Facebook, “It looks flat.” As I ponder that comment and look at the pictures I must admit it does LOOK flat. Certainly the pictures of Kansas at the beginning of the week accurately reflect the flat landscape. But 16,000 feet of elevation gain in Missouri this week is not flat. And then I thought of whmust’ve landscape must look like from 35,000 feet if I were flying over Missouri. I think it would look flat. What must it look like from God’s perspective. I suspect it looks pretty flat, just like the problife we face in life each day. When we focus on the problem rather than the Problem Solver, we become overwhelmed and want to shout to the world that our problems our worse than anyone else’s problems. We see a hill with a 16% grade and give up or whine all the way to the top or race up it only to find 10 more hills with no energy remaining. And yet God is right beside us with a perspective that sees our problems for what they are – flat. 

I guess it’s time for me to admit that flat is beautiful, that to God all my problems are flat! Today I am seeking God’s perspective. I desire to see life through His eyes. What’s your perspective on life? Are your challenges flat or overwhelming.

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