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Power to Change

It was time to buy a third car for the family. Sally and Kelsey had their drivers licenses and Eric Jr would be turningwebsite graphic that age soon. I decided a VW Passat would be the perfect solution for our travel needs. I purchased a basic model at a good price. It wasn’t until several months later when driving the car into Chicago that I realized the reason for the “good” price – the size of the engine. I had not noticed the lack of power driving around town. But when I drove it on the highway and needed acceleration to get around trucks and maneuver in the traffic around Chicago, the car’s lack of power was obvious. If you’re going to change lanes in Chicago, you better have the power to do it!

Life is the same way. We too often find ourselves with habits, character flaws, and even addictions we want to change. But when we find ourselves with the power of my Passat, we feel trapped in our lane with everyone passing us by. Without the necessary power, there is no hope to change lanes on the highways through Chicago or the highway of life we are traveling right now. Yes, power is the key to change. The real issue is where you find the power. Do you find it in “doing” or in “being”?

Those of us who want to change a behavior by doing make the fatal mistake of focusing on behavior. This approach leads us to believe that if you simply tell yourself to change, then change will happen. You don’t need anyone else, you can simply change on your own. With this approach, you simply need to do the right thing, do the desired behavior. The issue with doing in order to change is that it ignores the primary issue of stop doing what is causing you the problem in the first place. Yes, in order to change it always involves stopping the undesired behavior. In our car analogy, this is when you stop driving in your current lane. But you need power to cease being in the same lane of life! 

The truth is that you need to focus on “being” if you really want to change. This approach recognizes the power of the unwanted behavior is rooted within your own beliefs. This is because what you believe drives how you behave. Being determines doing! So what you really need is to discover the misbelief you are harboring deep within yourself that is creating the unwanted behavior in the first place. By focusing on “being” you are acknowledging the fact that there is power in belief. This is why Jesus says, “I am the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Discover Him. Be with Him. And you will have all the power you need to change lanes on the highway of life.

I’ll talk about this at our 11:00am (PST) service on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Or you can listen to it on our website, by May 13.   

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