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God’s Itinerary

Then Moab shall be ashamed of Chemosh, as the house of Israel was ashamed of Bethel, their confidence.  Jeremiah 48:13

It was time to fly home yesterday after a lovely visit in Loma Linda with Eric and Lindsay, my son and daughter-in-law. Though I loved my time in California with family, I was ready to go home on a 3:30pm flight through Portland that would land in Pasco, Washington at 8:30pm. This gave me plenty of time to read, contemplate, blog, and find a restaurant that would serve healthy food before the departure time. All of those things happened before I found myself standing in front of the airport reader board to find the gate for my 3:30pm flight. I found Portland on the board, which was listed twice. But neither flight to Portland left at 3:30pm. I checked the flight number on my boarding pass which had been loaded onto my phone the night before when I checked in. I confirmed the flight number, but what I read on the reader board gave me pause. Flight 585 to Portland had left on time… at 1:30pm. I looked at my boarding pass again, and there was the departure time in plain English, 1:30pm. How had I missed it? How could I have mistaken the arrival time in Portland for the departure time in California?

In order to get home in time for Pam to work today, I had to purchase two tickets to Portland, rent a car at the Portland airport, and drive home. We arrived home at 1:38am. What should have been a leisurely trip home became an exhausting trip because I did not recheck the departure time. I was so certain of the departure time that I gave no thought to even look at the printed itinerary in my briefcase or the boarding passes on my phone. After all, I “knew” when the flight departed. 

In Jeremiah 48:13, God is giving a message about Moab to Jeremiah. The Moabites, like the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt, had constructed idols with their own hands and would find themselves ashamed of those idols when those very idols fail them. We construct idols with our own hands and from our own understanding today. We do this every time we are sure of our abilities and understanding to make choices in life without consulting God. But living like that is the same as showing up to the airport late for a flight because you “know” when it departs.

The fact remains that we need to check with God. Idols we construct are worthless and bring heartache and shame in the end. Today, some of our most revered idols are material things (made with our own hands) and knowledge (made with our own minds). Yesterday was a reminder to me that I need check with God before I travel on life’s pathway just as I need to check the printed itinerary before I travel by air to any destination.

When you accept the gift of salvation, your boarding pass for the heavenly destination is printed out and sent to your heart phone. Consult the itinerary before you leave your house each day. I would have saved myself $900.00 of savings, 5 hours of time, and loads of frustration. But that is nothing to the savings we will gain when we consult God’s itinerary for our lives each day.

Have you checked your heavenly app on your heart phone today? Do you know what time God’s flight is departing for your adventure with Him? Are you making choices with your own hands and your own mind, or will you seek God’s hands and mind as you travel through life?

Is God Listening?

I love the Lord because he hears my voice… Psalm 116:1

There may be no greater gift than the gift of listening. The word listen is derived from two Anglo-Saxon words. One is “hlystan,” which means “hearing.” The other is “hlosnian,” which means “to wait in suspense.” Listening is a combination of not only hearing what the other person has to say, but an intense psychological involvement with each other. True listening binds hearts together. But listening is a two-way street. If I’m sharing out of a sense of superiority, arrogance, or pride, then I am only speaking and I hear no one but myself. There is no connection with the heart of the other person. True communication always involves listening, even when I am the one speaking.  

Have you ever failed to recognize when someone is actually listening to you? How could that be possible? Psalm 115:4-7 tells us the problem just might be the idols we construct. We make idols with our own hands. The problem is that these idols cannot speak, cannot hear, and cannot feel. We then read in verse 8 of Psalm 115, “And those who make idols are just like them, as are all who trust in them.” There’s the reason I can’t recognize when God, and often even those around me are actually listening to me. When I worship my works, my plans, my desires, my wealth, my talents, then these are the idols I have made that will ultimately isolate me. And the only one I will hear is myself.

Is your love for God wavering? If so, perhaps you don’t realize that He is listening to you. Perhaps you are doing all the talking. Perhaps you have made idols that do not speak or hear or feel. We all have times when we doubt God is listening. Sometimes we feel to dirty, too sinful, or too inadequate. But God is there. He is listening. When we seek Him, talk with Him, and take the time to listen to Him, we will know that we have been heard. What would it look like for you to say with the Psalmist, “I love the Lord because he hears my voice.”?


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