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Day 35 in Wichita – Biases

As I have been in Wichita for over 24 hours, I have been reminded of how easy it is to form opinions prematurely. I have never been in Kansas until this trip. Without ever being here I had judged that it was not a place worth my time to check out. In fact, when I lived in Rockford, Illinois I knew a person who was thinking about transitioning from Wichita to Rockford. This person chose to stay in Wichita. I thought he was crazy. After all, who would want to stay in a place like Wichita when he could move to Rockford? Well, I should have visited Wichita 15 years ago and I would have understood his choice. Wichita is a bustling, vibrant city with a very Midwest feel to it. Some of the appeal includes excellent roads making it easy to get to the downtown which is being revitalized, wonderful neighborhoods, an abundance of shopping and restaurants, a zoo, lots of parks and cyclists, and friendly people.

In the Richland Church, this is the year of connection. This means we are focusing on connecting with others. When I desire to connect I am willing to walk in their shoes, understand their point of view, and am quick to love while slow to judge. It’s one think to dismiss a city to visit, it’s quite another to dismiss a child of God because of a bias I may have. I am thankful for this lesson once again in my life. I challenge you to examine your biases that may be preventing you from connecting with others. I will be examining my own biases this week. I thank God for this reminder.

Trip Stats:    Total Miles- 1,881.4     Elevation Gain- 55,760 ft     Hours- 163      Pedal Strokes (Wk 5)- 129,263

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