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Day 56 in Roanoke, VA – Blessings

What a blessing to worship with the congregation at the Roanoke Seventh-day Adventist Church. We have been warmly welcomed into the homes of two different families, one on Friday and another on Saturday. This has been such a blessing to get to know both of these families. In fact, our time in Virginia has been a blessing due to the people we have met. I have learned and received more from them than I could ever give back. 

This experience reminds me that we are social beings motivated by relationships with one another. We need each other. The reporter, Mike Shaw, who interviewed me in Radford, VA earlier this week asked what I have learned about myself on this ride. I told him that I learned I really do need a coach. I also need the support I receive from the team traveling with me and that of my supporters who send emails, respond to my blogs, and pray for me each day. And those I am meeting each day along the way are the extra boost I need to finish this ride.

I think back to the South Korean doctor I met the second week of this ride in Montana who said the people of America are the most beautiful thing about this country. The scenery is nice, but the people are outstanding. Now that I have nearly ridden across this country, I have to agree. I thank God for the blessings. And the blessings I am most thankful for are the people God has brought into my life. Now I’m ready for the final four days.

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