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Day 54 in Radford, VA – Tired and Sore, Thankful and Energized

My legs feel like they are bruised making it hard to enjoy the ride. Though there was less climbing than in the past week, I found it difficult to ride well. However, I am motivated by God’s Spirit and not by how well I ride so the day went well. And just to be sure I remember it is God’s ride I am on He revealed his protective powers today on three separate occasions. The first time was when I was descending on a well paved road and decided to take my eyes off the road surface to enjoy the scenery, which can be dangerous at speeds of over 30 mph. I looked down in time to see two large potholes side by side with only an inch separating them and my front tire was on that one inch. I immediately thanked God for saving me from a nasty spill. The next two incidents were also on descents that ended with a stop sign at the bottom of a curve with no warning there would be a stop. The first crossroad had no traffic so everything was fine. Again, I thanked God for His protection. The second such intersection had traffic coming from the left. I quickly assessed the distance to the stop sign, my speed, the fact there was no traffic from the left, and that I had time to cross the road before the oncoming traffic would pass. I made it safely across the road thanking God once again. I realize that I need to be very careful on the road, but am very thankful that God saw fit to deliver me safely to my interview with a local reporter, Mike, and my appointment at the Radford Seventh-day Adventist church in the evening.

Mike interviewed Pam and me, and then came to hear me speak at the church. After the program he told me how awesome he thinks it is that I am taking the time to ride across America for such a cause that brings people together to help one another. The CEO of the Radford Pregnancy Support Center, Debbie, was there to receive diapers the Adventist church had obtained from a diaper drive. This is why I’m riding! It doesn’t matter that my legs are sore right now because God is using this ride to motivate His church to work with others to solve kingdom issues today. Debbie told us stories of how their Center has helped change the lives of young women and families whose most desperate need is diapers. And then Corrine from the Radford church gave Debbie diapers to distribute in her Center.

I am tired. My legs hurt. And my saddle sores, though manageable, are uncomfortable. But I count it a privilege to have such aches and pains for the front row seat I have to God’s power to move in people’s lives and to keep me safe on the road. This is truly an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for 10 vacations to sunny beach locations. I’m glad God is still in the business of calling us to His work.

Ride Stats:  Total Miles- 68.4     Elevation Gain- 3,612 ft     Avg Speed- 12 mph

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