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Days 48 and 49 – Rest and Rejuvenation

It has been great to have two consecutive days off the bike. It has done wonders for my sore legs, saddles sores, and spirits. I took my bike to a shop who has a master mechanic on Friday. He diagnosed the issue very quickly and I had all the parts he needed to make the bike as good as new. After having lunch at a nearby restaurant with Pam and her cousin, we picked up the bike from the shop and I literally rested the remainder of the day. This was all in preparation for the big day at the PeWee Valley Seventh-day Adventist church.

A young adult Bible study group adopted my ride as a mission project for their local community. They did some research and found the “Mission Crestwood” to be an organization serving over 1,500 people every month who are in need. They supply them with a week’s worth of food each month in addition to toiletry items and clothing. They have a “sharing” room where they invite people to meet with one of their staff members for prayer. So the Adventist Bible study group has been using my ride to gather diapers for the Mission Crestwood and I was invited to meet some of the staff at the Mission as the group delivered over 2,500 diapers to them. As I talked with the staff at the Mission, it became apparent that the ONE need they are NOT meeting is the need for DIAPERS. I could see the eyes opening of the Mission staff and the Adventist Bible study group as we talked about how a Diaper Bank could meet these needs. I left that place rejuvenated to continue this ride tomorrow realizing this is how Jesus spent most of His Sabbaths while on this earth – mingling with people and meeting their needs. Only God can bring both rest and rejuvenation on the same day in the same activity.

I am constantly amazed at the miracles I see happening because I joined God where He is working across America. What a privilege to have a front row seat to witness His power in action even if much of the time I’m in the saddle rather than on a seat. The best place to witness this “God Show” is where He’s calling you to join Him. Believe me, there’s no better place to be.

Here is the Church I had the privilege of speaking at today…

Here are some pictures of the Mission Crestwood…



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