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God Is Willing to Wait

Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Won’t she light a lamp and sweep the entire house and search carefully until she finds it?  Luke 15:8

Jesus told three stories in Luke 15 to describe God’s love for humanity. We are like sheep in one story and like sons in another story. But in this story we are like a single insignificant coin except for the fact that this coin belonged to a woman who only has 10 of them. That would be the equivalent of wages for 10 days. According to US government statistics, the average daily wage in America today is $170.00. So let’s say that you have $1700.00 to your name. Nothing more. You don’t have a job. You don’t have a family. You are alone in the world. If you lost 10% of your income, would you look for it? It is your life’s savings. It is all you have to survive.

I have lost my wallet several times in my life. But the one that stands out is when I lost it after filling my car up with gas. When I arrived home I didn’t have my wallet. I was panicked because I had $300.00 in it and all of my credit cards. I immediately drove back to the gas station. But the wallet was not there. So I went back home and searched every corner, every closet, every trash can, every place in the entire house. But the wallet was not there. I couldn’t think about anything else. Where could it be? I was extremely anxious even though I was a physician making a good wage. Losing $300.00 wouldn’t affect my lifestyle in the least.

In the story Jesus tells us about His Father, we see that His lifestyle is impacted by the loss of even one person. When it comes to you and me, God puts all of His efforts into finding us. Imagine God being anxious, even panicked, over losing you. Imagine God feeling this way since the day Adam & Eve ate of the fruit and hid from Him when He went to the Garden to have a chat with them. Yes, since that very day the God of the universe became anxious and single-minded in His efforts to find His lost coins – you and me. 

A few hours after I lost my wallet, I received a phone call from the man who had found it. I went to his home and he asked for a reward as he handed my the wallet to me. I gave the man $100.00. God gave us His Son. Obviously, my relief at finding my wallet was not near as important to me as God’s relief in finding you or me. In this parable, Jesus gives us a picture of God that is truly remarkable. He is anxious every time we hide from Him.

The truly amazing thing is that God is still lighting lamps today to find His lost coins. Anyone who accepts the Light of Jesus in her or his life becomes a light to find others. God is constantly seeking, constantly looking, constantly lighting the lives of men and women to find every last person who can possibly be found. I think this is what God is waiting for. He is more anxious about those who are still lost than He is about the delay in reuniting with those who have been found. God is willing to wait… for you.

But Everyone’s Doing It!

Don’t trust anyone… As for me, I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me.  Micah 7:5, 7

As a parent I could tell dozens, if not hundreds, of stories when my children’s only rationale to do something was, “But everyone’s doing it!” If they really wanted to prove that the activity was acceptable, they would tell me how some kid who was an outstanding citizen was doing it. They hoped this would be all the evidence I would need to change my mind and allow them to participate.

I always rejected such arguments. Well, at least when used by my kids. Truth be told, I use the same argument in my own life when talking with God. I want to do my thing. So I look at those around me, and begin to think I deserve whatever it is that I want at that moment. Once I deserve it, I can go to any lengths to get it because it should be mine. This applies to anything we desire. If I see “everyone” else doing it or having it, then I should do it or have it too. 

But God counsels us to trust only in Him. He invites us to look only to Him for our help in times of need and in our struggles with temptation. The big issue is waiting. Micah wrote that he had confidence in God while waiting. Perhaps this is the key to overcoming the argument, “But everyone’s doing it.” They are doing it NOW. We want to be gratified NOW. But we may need to WAIT for God. Waiting can be very difficult unless you have confidence that you will get exactly what you need if you wait. Confidence only comes as we trust. And trust only comes when we are in a relationship with another person. Having confidence, then, requires that I spend time with God. I will wait a long time for a person I love, trust, and have confidence in. 

What would it look like today in your life to wait for God? To have confidence in God? To trust no one other than God? Once I can answer these questions, then my rationale changes from “But everyone’s doing it” to “But God’s doing it.”


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